Hello Everyone!
Recently on the BC Math List Serve there has been some sharing of life skills program possibilities. I am copying the bits of conversation and the suggestions given just in case one or both are of interest to you.

"Everyday math" workbooks for senior students on modified programs. There are four books: home math, kitchen math, money math, and simply math (basic mathematical operations). They were made by the Northwest Territories for adults and are available on their website: http://www.nwt.literacy.ca/adultlit_res.htm

The Adult Basic Ed program is still going strong and is offered in most post-secondary institutions. As found in the ABE Handbook "ABE provides access to courses and skills training ranging from basic literacy through to provincial level and adult secondary school completion. ABE programs support learners to achieve one or more of the following goals: high school graduation, further education,
employability skills, and life management skills. These courses are offered both in the public post-secondary institutions and British Columbia (BC) school districts. In both systems, ABE courses are offered in a variety of settings and with a variety of delivery methods."

The latest ABE textbooks for Fundamental Level Math students have been completely redone and are currently available under the creative commons license. Of course, now that I mention they are available I am unable to find a link to the site with the materials.

Check out the Alberta curriculum for "Knowledge and Employability Math"