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District Goal

To Improve number sense for all students, K – 9.

We believe, and research supports, that foundational to success in mathematics generally is a well-developed and deep understanding of number.


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IRP K - 7
IRP Grades 8 and 9
Math Glossary (Interactive)
            1. Common Curriculum Framework 2006
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Why Numeracy?

Anecdotally, SD#20 teachers report that the lack of deep number sense knowledge and conceptual
understanding hinders success in math throughout the system and into life and is an issue for students
in our district.

A review of student achievement evidence in the area of numeracy indicate that the lack of success in
graduate program math courses contribute to our declining graduation rate trend.

A review of student achievement evidence in the area of numeracy indicates that the number of students fully
meeting or exceeding in terms of numeracy expectations declines over time as students progress from grade to grade.

Research supports the idea that students need a deep, solid number sense foundation in order to succeed in
math as concepts become more complex and challenging over time.

It is understood that in the 21st century, without the ability to understand basic mathematical ideas one cannot
fully comprehend modern writing such as that found in newspapers and informational text.